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Sylvia Plath Love Poems

Here is a list of Sylvia Plath Love Poems

  1. Cinderella
  2. Ariel
  3. Mystic

Sylvia Plath is one of the most influential, popular and tragic persons in the history of American poetry. She began to publish her first piece at the age of 8 showing a deep talent and maturity in her works. An excellent student, later professor, a loyal wife, a caring mother and a phenomenal poetess, Plath began writing routinely as a therapy since she was struggling with a severe mental illness and depression. By the age of 30 she published 8 poetry compilations, 10 long prose and novels and 4 short children’s books. Her writings are focused on the themes of violent love, ephemerality and despair which brought her the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry but, unfortunately, posthumously.

Self-absorbed in art, Sylvia has created poems which are experimental and colored with dark, dusky shades of instability and angst. Her love ballads like ‘Cinderella’, ‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’ and ‘Ariel’ are the apogee of confessional art where the broken-hearted find comfort and a shelter. The poetess’ poems are about love, but a very special kind of it – the love of the living to the late ones, like her parents and an unborn child.

Versatility of figures characterizes Sylvia Plath’s love poetry in addition to her variety of rhymes and strong social implications on women’s rights and their role in the society. She doesn’t want female artists to be seen as sidekicks to men but as the source of ambitious and daring art.

Sensitivity and romanticism of her short but deep lines have elevated the artist above the old classical style. She has become famous due to a bold vision of love as a way to cure herself from hectic mourning of the past.